Surviving a family member’s death is difficult and can leave many unresolved feelings and questions. But when you suspect or are certain that your loved one’s death could have been prevented, the heartwrenching injustice only adds to your grief and suffering. You shouldn’t be burdened with seeking justice alone, and Stephen P. Hanudel, Attorney at Law, can lift that legal burden to help you pursue justice and compensation for your loved one’s wrongful death.

What Is Wrongful Death?

The state of Ohio defines “wrongful death” as the death of a loved one that was caused as the result of someone else’s wrongful action, neglect, or default. A wrongful death claim is when a surviving family member sues the responsible party for their pain and suffering, and possibly any lost wages or income due to the death of their family member.



Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

Filing a wrongful death claim in Ohio requires that the filer must be one of the following:

  • The spouse of the decedent

  • Children — including adopted children — of the decedent

  • Parents of the decedent

These limitations are fairly standard, but other familial dependents are excluded such as siblings and grandparents. The state of Ohio assumes that grandparents and siblings will not suffer any loss even if the decedent provided for them financially or as a caregiver.

If you have suffered significant loss from the passing of a grandchild or sibling, you will need to prove in court that you have suffered compensable losses. No matter your relation to your loved one, a wrongful death attorney can help you build a case against the responsible party and help you pursue justice and compensation for your loss.

What is Considered Compensable Loss in Ohio?

Damages or losses you are able to recover are governed by the state and by the statute of limitations, which requires you to file a claim within two years of the decedent’s death. Damages the state of Ohio recognizes as compensable include:

  • Loss of financial support — based on the potential earnings of the deceased

  • Loss of services the deceased provided such as housework, yardwork, and childcare

  • Loss of personal care such as companionship, counsel, instruction, and social status of the deceased

  • Loss of prospective inheritance the deceased would have acquired

  • The mental and emotional anguish suffered by surviving family members as a result of the decedent’s untimely death

Though recoverable damages are limited to the above, Stephen can help you put together a list of your losses and help you craft the best strategy that will aim to achieve the best possible outcome.

An Attorney For You and Your Family

When you work with Stephen P. Hanudel, Attorney at law, you get an attorney that is dedicated to helping you and your family pursue justice for your loved one and compensation for your untimely loss. Stephen offers exceptional skills and personal support to you throughout the course of your case. Don’t wait to get the assistance you need. Call wrongful death attorney, Stephen P. Hanudel, today for a free consultation.


Do you suspect that your loved one has died due to negligence? Has a member of your family passed away due to inadequate care in a nursing home? You deserve answers to your questions and you also deserve compensation for your loss. With wrongful death attorney Stephen on your side, you can pursue the best result possible and justice for your loved one. Call him today!

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